Created by a U.S. Marine Sergeant

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Mind, Body & Life Transformation

To be different, you need to learn to think differently. This involves more engagement with your decision making process, and having an understanding of your own impulses and behaviors. The TRE Guide will help you refocuses your priorities, and find the demand for self-growth you've been seeking.

Created by Sergeant Jones, USMC (Vet)

As a 10 year Marine Veteran, I know a few things about change and adaptation. When making the choice to change a system of operation, all variables (internal and external) must be analyzed. This guide was made to identity and manage those variables. To get you back on track and in full control. Through consistent self management and remediation through both success and failure, an eventual change takes place often beyond our recognition. That change is called the process. As a Marine, I understand the importance of trusting that process. Now trust yourself, and #SemperFi